Action 1 Niken
Yamaha Niken is 847cc Liquid-Cooled Engine Advanced 3-Cylinder Engine. It has an amazing Revolutionary Leaning Multi-Wheel Chassis it comes with different Throttle Mapping and adjustable Traction Control. It Offers very high tech instrumentation.
Niken Tyres
NIKEN uses matched 15-inch lightweight combination wheels with LMW-explicit 120/70R15 tires. Created working together with the body, these tires include sportbike-style profiles and development, for elevated amounts of grasp, wear opposition and wet-street capacity. Out back, the back wheel mounts an enormous 190/55R17 back tire for a mix of style and footing.
Instrument Cluster
A high differentiation all-LCD show gives an unmistakable showcase of motor and street speed, electronic frameworks, for example, footing control and D-Mode, fuel save excursion meter, economy and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
Frame Niken
LMW framework to the back wheel is an all-new half breed outline that uses steel castings and cylinders with a lightweight aluminum swingarm rotate zone and swingarm. Adjusted for inflexibility and guiding reaction, the NIKEN frame gives magnificent dealing with and regular controlling feel.
LMW Niken
The NIKEN LMW case is an elite cruiser control framework that gives unparalleled rider certainty over a wide scope of street conditions. With two front tires inclining as one, the NIKEN pairs the measure of accessible grasp for excellent halting force, cornering certainty & rider comfort.
Yamaha NIKEN
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