Harley Davison Fat Bob
The Fat Bob bike highlights forceful, proud styling, awe-inspiring execution and dealing with, premium completions, and the huge torque of the Milwaukee-Eight motor.
An incredible, smooth running motor with fresh throttle reaction and an unadulterated soul-fulfilling thunder. The new 107 produces 92.53 pull (69kw) @ 5020 rpm.
Harley davidson fat bobAn intense fog light gives you extraordinary permeability during the evening and during the day makes everyone’s eyes centred around you. Driven lights are up to 80% more proficient than customary lighting, for example, fluorescent and brilliant lights. 95% of the vitality in LEDs is changed over into the light and just 5% is squandered as warmth

Enormous execution motivated, upswept exhaust with differentiation wrap up. It gives you complete power and gives the Milwaukee a chance to demonstrate its shades of intensity.

Harley Davison Fat Bob

Inverted front fork structure, with single cartridge innovation that improves reaction to guiding information and braking and taking care of execution. The Inverted forks are more grounded on the grounds that they have more cover the separation the fork cylinder juts into the slider than regular forks.
Harley Davidson FAT BOB 2019
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